Demi Kennedy ’20 gains wealth of experience during Pennsylvania State Treasury Department internship

This summer, Demi Kennedy ’20 (Camp Hill, Pennsylvania) explored the ins-and-outs of public service and state growth as a Claims Division intern with the Pennsylvania State Treasury Department. 

The anthropology/sociology and Spanish double major first discovered the internship online, and later utilized the College’s Center for Career and Professional Development office to solidify a plan.

The responsibilities of her internship included reviewing written or emailed correspondence to the department, applying bureau polices to help organize the unclaimed property in the database and communicating with claimants.

“An Unclaimed Property intern’s work is held to high standards of accuracy, as well as quantity of reviews completed throughout the course of their assigned work hours,” explains Kennedy.

Though she admits at times her role was challenging, the opportunities Kennedy received during her internship at the treasury department were impactful. She was invited to a meet and greet with the Pennsylvania State Treasurer Joe Torsella to hear and learn from his experiences in public service.

“Meeting the treasurer was very eye opening,” she says. “He talked a lot about why we do the things we do and what they mean to the people of the state of Pennsylvania. Ultimately, he concluded with the idea that we are capable of coming up with ways to better suit our society and help our community and state grow.”

Another unique opportunity Kennedy received was the privilege of viewing the vault that contains all tangible unclaimed property. She expressed that seeing “purple hearts, a string of pearls from the 1920s and other cool artifacts” was her favorite experience of the summer.

This internship has given me a wealth of new information, not only in my specific department but also with an overall idea of what exactly the Treasury does and how that is so important in the grand scheme of society. For me this experience has been a way to get a taste of what work and career goals look like,” she concludes.

by Makenzie Dries ’21
August 23, 2019

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