Derek Nafziger ’19 jump-starts career through investment internship

Throughout the spring semester, Derek Nafziger ’19 (Louisville, Kentucky) is interning at Magnolia Bank Captive Fund, where he assists with the management of investment funds. The position involves developing analyses and risk profiles of current holdings and developing proposals for new possible holdings.

“It’s a great opportunity to get an early start on what I will be doing upon graduation,” Nafziger said. “It is a really cool chance to start getting my feet wet in the investment world. It reassures my love for this type of work and makes me tremendously grateful to be in this position. I think this is a unique internship in that it is exactly what I’ll be doing after Centre.”

Prior to his internship, Nafziger spent time reading and seeking additional education, in addition to Centre’s economics and finance curriculum.

“I don’t think I would have been ready for the internship had I not pursued my interests at an early stage,” he added.

Since Nafziger will be employed with Magnolia Bank Captive Fund after graduation, he said he hopes that, through this experience, the transition will be a bit smoother into his next stage of life.

“Looking back, I am really thankful that I had people to encourage me to act on my interests early on,” he continued. “I’d encourage everyone, especially underclassmen, to get an early start with an internship or even small job right after their first year. You don’t have to be doing something you absolutely love right away, you just have to do something.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
February 21, 2019

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