Differently-Abled Resources

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Academic Affairs Office – Disability Services
Centre College seeks to provide disabled students with support services and other reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the College. Support services for physical disabilities of students at Centre College are coordinated by the Assistant Dean for Advising and the Student Life Office. Individual students are counseled to determine appropriate accommodations and identify resources and referral to the appropriate faculty member. Services for emotional or academic disabilities are coordinated by the Assistant Dean for Advising. Incoming students with physical disabilities should register documentation of a disability. Arrangements for services, equipment, classroom or housing assignments, and other reasonable accommodations can be made to ensure students safely and comfortably have the opportunity to fully participate in the Centre experience.

Contact: Mary Gulley, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator
Email: mary.gulley@centre.edu
Telephone: 859.238.5223

American Sign Language (ASL)
Gary Crase teaches ASL classes at Centre and advises the ASL Club. In addition to his work at Centre College, Gary teaches community education American Sign Language (ASL) classes at Centre and in the Danville community.

Contact: Gary Crase
Email: gary.crase@centre.edu
Telephone: 859.238.5300

Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD)
Kentucky School for the Deaf’s mission is to ensure every child is given the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential to become confident, self-supporting, independent, and have a rewarding future upon graduation as a productive member of society. KSD also offers other services and programs. Their center-based outreach program provides student evaluations for deaf and hard of hearing students across Kentucky, a interpreting department, and a family support program. Their regional program provides consultation and support services to schools across Kentucky who have deaf and hard of hearing students.

Centre Signers
Centre Signers is an American Sign Language (ASL) club whose goal is to educate students about ASL and deaf culture while also getting involved in the deaf community. Club events include an Ice Cream Social and an annual Coffee Conversations event to encourage interactions between students and the Danville deaf community. Most recent Coffee Conversations included first-time signers, advanced signers, and members of the deaf community.

Contact: Rhoman James
Email: rhoman.james@centre.edu