Diversity and inclusion office increases staff and adds new members

Continued efforts to strengthen diversity and inclusion at Centre College will benefit from new staff, an additional position and a restructuring of the office.

Previously staffed by an associate vice president and two-year “fellow” position, the office now includes four staff, the result of a new full-time position and adding a VISTA position to the team.

Associate Professor of Anthropology Andrea Abrams is serving in an interim capacity as associate vice president for diversity initiatives while a national search takes place to fill the role on a permanent basis. Joining her is Ashley Oliver, director of diversity and inclusion programming; Jo Teut, assistant director of diversity and inclusion programming; and Amanda DeWitt, sustained community dialogues VISTA member.

“The office is particularly excited that Ashley and Jo will dedicate their work efforts to supporting student needs and programming concerning diversity and inclusion,” Abrams said. “Amanda is working to strengthen the ties between Centre and the Danville community. In addition, the intercultural suite is open to all members of the student community and will provide programming designed to nurture connections between a wide variety of individuals and groups.”

Abrams said the goal of the diversity office includes “providing opportunity for all by recruiting and retaining an inclusive community of students, faculty, staff and administrators that represent and support a broad spectrum of interests, identities, abilities, cultures, religions and worldviews.”

Further, Abrams explained that the diversity office explores differences by “promoting diversity and inclusion awareness and appreciation through the implementation of campus-wide educational programs, events and training for staff, faculty and students.”

The diversity office also confronts injustice by recognizing and responding to words and actions of discriminations and marginalization, emphasizing the College’s intolerance for prejudice of any form.

by Kerry Steinhofer
October 9, 2018

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