Campus Diversity Programs & Communities

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  • The LSAMP program is aimed at increasing the quality and quantity of students successfully completing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) baccalaureate degree programs, and increasing the number of students interested in, academically qualified for, and matriculated into programs of graduate study.

    • LSAMP National Organization
    • LSAMP at Centre

    Contact: John Wilson, Stodghill Professor of Mathematics
    Telephone: 859.238.5409

  • The Bonner Program at Centre College is a network of 60 students on campus (and thousands nationwide) dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving education through active community service and civic engagement.

    • Bonner National Organization
    • Bonner at Centre

    Contact: Jessica Weasner, Director of Community Service and the Bonner Program
    Telephone: 859.238.8752

  • The Posse Foundation is a national organization that partners with the top 10% of the nation’s colleges and universities in order to send cohorts of 10 students to partner schools. Centre College welcomes 10 Posse students from Boston, Massachusetts each year. Posse became an integral part of the Centre community in 2010. Since then, scholars have been vibrant contributors to campus culture; Posse students not only offer their locational diversity, but also their diverse range of interests, talents, insights, and backgrounds.

    Posse Plus Retreat is a dynamic weekend away from campus for Posse Scholars and “plusers”, which includes fellow students, faculty, staff, mentors, and coaches from the Boston office. In weekends past, topics have included: “Us vs. Them: Division, Community, and Identity in American Society,” and “Sticks and Stones: Language and Speech in a Diverse Society.” People in attendance learn truths about themselves, their communities, and their society at large.

    • Posse Foundation
    • Posse Plus Retreat
    • Posse Story: Tamin Calloway ’16
    • Posse Story: Sara Morency ’16

    Contact: Bob Nesmith, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
    Telephone: 859.238.5356

  • The New Horizons Scholarship program recognizes talented students from all backgrounds likely to provide campus leadership in the area of diversity. Up to 40 students from each class are awarded a scholarship in the amount of $24,000. Each scholarship also guarantees priority consideration for need-based aid (in an amount that covers up to the cost of Centre’s comprehensive fee). The separate New Horizons application is due February 1.

    • New Horizons Application

    Contact: Adriana Martin, Assistant Director of Admission and Multicultural Recruitment, Advisor to the Diversity Student Union
    Telephone: 859.238.5352

  • Available to first-year applicants, the Grissom Scholars Program offers 10 high achieving first-generation college students a full-tuition scholarship and $5,000 in educational enrichment funds.

    • Grissom Scholars
    • First Generation Resources

    Contact: Sarah Scott, Director of the Grissom Scholars Program, Coordinator of Centre Scholarship Programs
    Telephone: 859.238.6086

  • Learning Communities are small groups of community members who meet regularly for a sustained amount of time to explore a particular topics related to diversity and inclusion. These facilitated discussions can serve to build community, enhance collaboration within and across departments, and encourage reflection about important issues.

    Contact: Dr. Andrea Abrams, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity Initiatives

  • A community in which people of different backgrounds recognize their interconnectedness and understand that individual well-being is linked to the well-being of others. This group is inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision of “Beloved Community.” Learn more here.

    Contact: Jami Powell, Library Systems Specialist

  • Committee Charge: The Committee on Diversity and Community shall evaluate, advise, and educate the College community regarding diversity (i.e., the representation of different socio-cultural groups) and multiculturalism (i.e., the processes of recognizing, understanding, and appreciating differences). The Committee shall evaluate and monitor the progress of the College in achieving stated goals and objectives for increasing the representation of underrepresented groups and enhancing awareness of multicultural issues, and shall regularly report its findings and recommendations concerning this progress to the Council and to the President of the College. The Committee shall offer advice and generate proposals that promote diversity and multiculturalism among the student body, faculty, staff, and administration. The Committee shall educate the College and its wider community by sponsoring programs and promoting policies that celebrate differences and affirm our common humanity. The committee is especially empowered to invite members of the wider community to assist it in its work.

    Contact: Dr. Andrea Abrams, Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Diversity Initiatives