Diversity Resources for Students

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  • African American Student Resources

    • Sister-to-Sister provides a support group for black women who are a part of the Centre College student body and shares and educates the greater Centre Community on the perspectives of the black women on campus. This club is also an organization that wishes to build positive relationships with black women in the Danville community ranging from adolescent to adult.

    Contact: Oyin Aderoba ’18
    Email: oyinkansola.aderoba@centre.edu

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Student Resources

    Admission and financial aid resources available through the Admission and Financial Aid office to provides support and guidance for DACA and undocumented students through the application and financial aid processes.

    • DACA and Financial Aid
    • Aid for Non Citizens

    Contact: Kendra Montejos Edwards, Assistant Director of Admission and Multicultural Recruitment
    Email: adriana.martin@centre.edu

    Contact: Kevin Lamb, Director of Financial Aid and Associate Dean of Admission
    Email: kevin.lamb@centre.edu

  • Differently-Abled Student, Staff, and Faculty Resources

    • Academic Affairs Office – Disability Services
    Centre College seeks to provide disabled students with support services and other reasonable accommodations needed to ensure equal access to the programs and activities of the College. Support services for physical disabilities of students at Centre College are coordinated by the Assistant Dean for Advising and the Student Life Office. Individual students are counseled to determine appropriate accommodations and identify resources and referral to the appropriate faculty member. Services for emotional or academic disabilities are coordinated by the Assistant Dean for Advising. Incoming students with physical disabilities should register documentation of a disability. Arrangements for services, equipment, classroom or housing assignments, and other reasonable accommodations can be made to ensure students safely and comfortably have the opportunity to fully participate in the Centre experience.

    Contact: Mary Gulley, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Coordinator
    Email: mary.gulley@centre.edu
    Telephone: 859.238.5223

    • American Sign Language (ASL)
    Gary Crase teaches ASL classes at Centre and advises the ASL Club. In addition to his work at Centre College, Gary teaches community education American Sign Language (ASL) classes at Centre and in the Danville community.

    Contact: Gary Crase
    Email: gary.crase@centre.edu
    Telephone: 859.238.5300

    • Kentucky School for the Deaf (KSD)
    Kentucky School for the Deaf’s mission is to ensure every child is given the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential to become confident, self-supporting, independent, and have a rewarding future upon graduation as a productive member of society. KSD also offers other services and programs. Their center-based outreach program provides student evaluations for deaf and hard of hearing students across Kentucky, a interpreting department, and a family support program. Their regional program provides consultation and support services to schools across Kentucky who have deaf and hard of hearing students.

    • Centre Signers
    Centre Signers is an American Sign Language (ASL) club whose goal is to educate students about ASL and deaf culture while also getting involved in the deaf community. Club events include an Ice Cream Social and an annual Coffee Conversations event to encourage interactions between students and the Danville deaf community. Most recent Coffee Conversations included first-time signers, advanced signers, and members of the deaf community.

    Contact: Rhoman James
    Email: rhoman.james@centre.edu

  • Diversity Student Union (DSU)

    DSU helps to unite a collective student body to promote, share, and enrich their cultural experience. Here are some of the DSU events:
    • Cultural Fiesta (in conjunction with the ISA)
    • Diversity Leadership and Service Days
    • DSU Annual Gala
    • Ice Cream Social
    • MLK Day Celebration
    • Open Mic Night
    • Spring Fling

    Contact: Leah Kelly ’19
    Email: leah.kelly@centre.edu

  • International Student Resources

    • International Student Association
    ISA events include monthly Country of the Month Dinners hosted in Cowan Dining Hall, featuring cuisine unique to a region of the world, an annual Cultural Fiesta that highlights food and entertainment from around the world, and a Moon Festival each year.

    Contact: Michelle Guo ’19
    Email: michelle.guo@centre.edu

    • International Student Services
    Stephen Swan serves as the resource for academic and administrative units in the collaboration, hiring, and sponsorship of international students and scholars. He also provides on-going orientation and support services designed to foster cultural adjustment to the U.S. and build links within the local community via cultural activities and programs.

    Contact: Stephen Swan, International Student Advisor
    Email: stephen.swan@centre.edu
    Telephone: 859.238.6106

    Contact: Annie Murphy, International Student Admission Counselor
    Email: annie.murphy@centre.edu
    Telephone: 859.238.5372

  • Latino Student Resources

    • LASO is the Latin American Student Organization. LASO’s mission is to serve as a safe space as well as a general support system for all of its members of Latino heritage. It also strives to provide additional resources to the families of its Latino members in order to include their families in the academic and social achievements of their students. Lastly, LASO hopes to foster creative and interactive ways of sharing the complexity of the Latin American experience with Centre’s community in order to enrich diversity on campus.

    Contact: Jailene Paz ’18
    Email: jailene.paz@centre.edu

    • Hispanic Society: Spanish heritage and cultural appreciation club

    • After School Program: Centre students mentor local K-12 English Learning Language (ELL) students. Read how the After School Program at Centre College is changing lives.

    Contact: Stacey Crescencio ’18
    Email: stacey.crescencio@centre.edu

    • Centro Latino’s vision is to promote self-sufficiency and human flourishing to the Latino community of Kentucky. Centro Latino’s mission is to build quality relationships between Spanish speakers and the general community in education, health-care, and social justice. Our goal is for individuals and families to be self-sufficient so they may be contributing and productive members of society.

  • LGBTQ+ Student Resources

    • Centre Pride Alliance
    Centre Pride Alliance strives to make the Centre community aware of issues that the LGBT community faces and educate the community on how they can help. It also creates a safe environment where all members of the Centre community — both LGBT members and allies — feel comfortable socializing and discussing matters dealing with gender, sexuality, etc.

    Contact: Allison Walther ’18, President of Centre Pride Alliance
    Email: allison.walther@centre.edu

    • Ally Training
    The purpose of the Centre Ally Program is to create visible LGBTQ allies for members of the Centre community, to help shape a culture of acceptance, and to make a positive statement about the equality of all people. The topics and information discussed during the training are also applicable to other identities and populations. The training is a 2-hour training that is held at least twice a year and is designed to educate participants on LGBTQ issues and how to be a strong ally for members of the LGBTQ community.

    Contact: Ann Goodwin
    Email: ann.goodwin@centre.edu

  • Religious Life Office

    Centre College’s roots are Presbyterian. Since 1819, the College’s purpose has been the full intellectual, social, physical, ethical, and spiritual development of students. Although Centre’s roots are Presbyterian, the Religious Life Office is designed to celebrate our religious diversity.

    • Religious Life at Centre

    Contact: Rick Axtell
    Email: rick.axtell@centre.edu
    Telephone: 859.238.5342