Dr. Aaron Godlaski illuminates the "Inner Circus" of Circus Oz

godlaski_aaron_tiny“Imagine an empty expanse of field: quiet, flat, nondescript. One day, seemingly by magic, the field is punctuated by a vibrant big-top tent filled with strange colors and sounds, and the mind-bending feats of costumed performers. As we enter the tent and cross the threshold of the ring we come to a distinct space: the space of the spectacle. Here, now, we suspend the everyday in favor of the extraordinary an experience that is both visceral and significant. This is the function of spectacle, the function of circus.”
Read more from Assistant Professor of Pyschology Aaron Godlaski in the Norton Center for the Art’s latest “Notes from the Faculty” blog about this week’s upcoming Circus Oz performance by clicking here.
Visit the Norton Center website for a complete season schedule.

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