DramaCentre presents "The Odd Couple, The Female Version," Oct. 4-7

Families and other Centre College and Danville community members can enjoy a night of fun and laughter at the Norton Center for the Arts when  the DramaCentre proudly presents “The Odd Couple, The Female Version” by Neil Simon, Oct. 4-7. The production is part of Centre’s Family Weekend.

“’The Odd Couple’ is the most important comedic play that has come out of the last half century,” Director Jonathan Hunt ’18 said. “It spawned television shows, movies and multiple theatrical productions.”

Neil Simon reworked the original version so that women could perform in it.

“This is a show about friendship and love,” Hunt said. “It’s a reminder that we should accept others for who they are. It’s a story that everyone can appreciate, because it is so relatable, honest and funny.”

Hunt has been working on the show since the beginning of 2017 and is looking forward to seeing the play come together on stage.

“I’m going to enjoy watching the audience’s reactions,” he explained. “Where they laugh, where they don’t, it’ll be good to see the reactions for my own growth as a director.”

As a senior, it has been an honor for Hunt to direct the show.

“To work so hard on a project with a bunch of passionate artists makes each day a journey,” he added. “I sometimes have forgotten that I’m also a student and have a mountain of homework waiting once I get out of rehearsal. Despite that, my experience has been so wonderful. This is the first time I’ve ever felt like a true artist.”

Being a student and the director of that play, Hunt has been able to work with friends in a whole new way.
“It’s fun to create art with talented artists, and even more fun when those artists are your friends,” he said.
Hunt also highlights community and how the cast and crew are what makes the play and the experience special.

“Without them, I’m just a guy with an idea,” he added. “They put in all the hard work. They make the work enjoyable. I’m incredibly luck and grateful that they’re in my life. They’ve given me more support, friendship and trust than I could ever expect out of any group.

“I love them all. I find it hard to put into words just how much they mean to me. They’re truly amazing.”

Hunt hopes that the audience this weekend enjoys themselves as they watch “The Odd Couple, The Female Version.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
October 4, 2017

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