Economics text co-authored by Professor David Anderson named 2015 Social Sciences Product of the Year

Centre College Professor of Economics David Anderson has co-authored a book that was recently chosen as the Social Sciences Product of the Year for 2015 by Macmillan Publishers.

Krugman’s Economics for AP, Second Edition is a textbook for high school students taking a college-level economics course. One of the major challenges, according to Anderson, was to bring high school students enough content to allow them to succeed in an intermediate economics course in college.

“The work on this book involved many long days of struggle to find the best ways to convey difficult material to young people,” Anderson said. “Of course, as a teacher, that is what I love to do.”

The book is being used by more than 20,000 students around the country. According to a press release, Anderson brought “his extensive knowledge of the market, his gift for communicating complex information clearly, and his keen eye to oversee every stage of the process insuring the appropriateness, accessibility and AP focus” to the book.

Anderson credits the excellent culture at Worth Publishing for promoting a slow, careful approach to bringing students and teachers better educational materials. Additionally, the undertaking has informed his own teaching process.

“As I develop new and improved ways to teach particular topics, I can bring them immediately to my Centre College classroom,” Anderson concluded.

by Elise L. Murrell
January 13, 2016

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