PODCAST: Veteran Albert Wess shares memories of World War II (Part 3)

Episode 2 Part 3 of Centre Point oral history series, veteran Albert Wess shares some final memories of World War II

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A new series of the Centre Point podcast features oral histories collected by Centre College students who took the course “America in the World Wars” with Assistant Professor of History Sara Egge.

In the final part of Episode 2, veteran Albert Wess finishes his conversation with interviewer Adeel Ahmed ’18, explaining how he feels about the idea of heroism, recalling his memories of General Patton and ending with words of hope.

The Centre Point podcast began with a pre-2016 presidential election series that featured Centre professors discussing politics through the lenses of other topics, including the theatricality of politics, the importance of polling and the role of religion in politics. A post-2016 presidential election Centre Point series also featured Centre professors looking at what lies ahead in American politics, including the future of democracy and a British perspective on American politics. To listen to previous episodes of Centre Point, visit this page.

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Photos: Servicemen cross the Rhine during World War II. During World War II, Centre College answered the call of duty by serving as a training site for the Army Air Corps’ 20th College Training Detachment (1943-44). Servicemen completed exercises on the Centre football field.

January 25, 2017

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