Erin Didier ’18 receives Fulbright award to teach English in Brazil

Spanish major and Latin American studies minor Erin Didier (Louisville, Kentucky) was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to work as an English Teaching Assistant in Brazil for nine months.

Didier will be teaching English to university students who are studying to teach English as a foreign language.

“I was interested in a Fulbright because I have enjoyed working with the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program here at Centre College and wanted to explore that as a future career path,” she said. “I thought a Fulbright would be a great way to combine my interest in teaching ESL with my love of languages and other cultures.

Didier said she is looking forward to reconnecting to Brazil and Brazilian culture.

“I travelled there for CentreTerm and was astounded by the openness of the people there,” she said. “I hope I will absorb some of their way of life in my nine months there.”

Didier is grateful for the faculty and staff at Centre, as well as the teachers from her childhood, who helped set her on a path guided by her love of culture.

She said her favorite aspect of her time at Centre has been the extreme generosity, help and warmth from her professors. After four years, she remains in awe of all they have done for her, and she said she would not be where she is now without them.

“My path to a Fulbright has been quite serendipitous,” she said. “Many seemingly unrelated paths came together to lead me to apply and succeed in being awarded a Fulbright. When serendipity and intention come together, great things can happen.

“Winning the award means a lot to me, because it serves a substantial personal proof that I am capable of achieving great things,” she continued. “It will encourage me to pursue dreams that may seem nearly out of reach in the future.”

Out of this experience, Didier said she hopes to create connections to those around her, learn from the culture and leave with a deeper understanding of her role within the profession of teaching.

by Kerry Steinhofer
May 31, 2018

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