"Experimental jazz" concert set for Sunday, March 15

trace_jazz_trioTrace Trio plays music from both ends of the spectrum.
“Our music tends to be really mellow and slow or utterly frenetic with lots of jamming,” says pianist and composer Larry Bitensky.
The Centre College music professor describes the trio — which also includes Centre music faculty members Nathan Link on string bass and Daniel Worley on guitar — as experimental jazz.
Audiences may decide for themselves what genre the music belongs to after hearing them play at their first concert at 7:30 p.m. Sunday in Weisiger Theatre at Centre’s Norton Center for the Arts. The concert is free and open to the public.
Bitensky has written most of the songs the group performs, though the loose structure allows the players to improvise.
“The songs have the same feel every time we play them, but the details are always different. Nate usually keeps a steady kind of groove on the bass and Dan and I tend to just fly off in different directions.”
Part of the trio’s unique sound comes from an alternate tuning of the piano that results in particularly sweet, hypnotic tones.
Bitensky explains, “I have my piano tuned to what is called ‘mean tone’ tuning or temperament. It is a tuning that hasn’t been used since the Renaissance but is closer to the natural overtones. As far as I know, no one has adapted this tuning to contemporary uses.”
Sunday’s concert will feature pieces from “The Nature of Three,” Trace Trio’s first album, which will be released in the spring. For more information, visit www.tracetrio.com.
by Sallie Bright

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