Faculty Recognition reception lets faculty share latest publications and research

Centre College is known as a place where great teaching is prized; and while Centre faculty are most known for being great teachers, they are also impressive scholars, completing research, writing and publishing in addition to balancing a demanding course load. These numerous research and publication achievements were celebrated on Tuesday, March 18 at the most recent Professional Recognition reception in the Evans-Lively Room of Old Carnegie.
fabritius_stephanie“Professional Recognition receptions are events we sponsor at least five times a year in order to recognize our colleagues who’ve made great contributions to their field in the past year,” says Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Stephanie Fabritius. “Each reception is a treat to attend—it is magnificent to be able to see and gain insight into what all of our research and creative works look like across our many disciplines.”
During this particular reception, the group heard from scholars in the disciplines of economics, Chinese, international studies, chemistry, religion, environmental studies and English.
“When the reception is over, I feel like I’ve just delved into a really fascinating, but exceedingly short semester of wide-ranging classes,” Fabritius says. “While the experience is very engaging, it definitely just whets your appetite for more.”
The presentations are intended to be short; eight faculty members presented on their most recent work for approximately five minutes each.
“The idea is that the short presentations generate questions, so that afterwards, you can initiate a conversation about what you’ve heard and learn even more,” Fabritius says. “As members of an academic community, I think it’s important for us to know the kinds of intellectual achievements our colleagues are making—and to have enough information to start some really engaging conversations.”
Faculty presenters:
David Anderson
Explorations in Economics, with Alan Krueger (2013, Worth Publishers, NY).
Favorite Ways to Explore Economics with James Chasey (2013, Worth Publishers, NY).
Kyle Anderson
“Chinese Decamerons: Making Sex Revolutionary?,” CLIO – A Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History 42.2 (Spring 2013):209-237.
Poems by Nan Ge, Dai Guanglei, A Yu, Yu Youyou, Zuo You, and Yuan Shaoshan, Pathlight: New Chinese Writing 3.1 (March 2013).
Dina Badie
“Upping the Ante: Chinese Encroachment, American Entrenchment, and Gulf Security,” Strategic Studies Quarterly 7 (2), Summer 2013.
Heather Bass
Emplying Dianionic Macrocyclic Tetracarbenes to Snythesize Neutral Divalent Metal Complexes. Bass, Heather M.; Cramer, S. Alan; McCullough, Alexander S.; Bernstein, Karl J.; Murdock, Christopher R.; Jenkins, David M. Organometallics 2013, 32, 2160-2167.
David Hall
“The Practice of Memory: Vichian Imagination in Re-membering the Integrity of Life Before God” in Theological Enquiry and the Pursuit of Ideals: Theology, Human Flourishing, Freedom (Ashgate, 2013).
Brett Werner
Evidence for 20th century climate warming and wetland drying in the North American Prairie Pothole Region.” Werner, B.A, W.C. Johnson, G.R. Guntenspergen. Ecology and Evolution. September 2013. Volume 3 (10): 3471-3482.
Philip White
Poems Published:
“After the Troubadours,” The Yale Review (January 2013)
“Flight Path,” Barrow Street (December 2013)
“Alcohol,” Barrow Street (December 2013)
“Freak,” Memorious (Fall 2013)
Poetry Translations Published:
“Border Tunes,” by Wang Changling, Evansville Review (Summer 2013)
Translation Award:
Willis Barnstone Poetry Translation Prize for Wang Changling’s “Border Tunes.”
Kari Young
Guo, Ying; Young, Karin J.; Yan, Elsa C.Y. Guided Inquiry and Project-Based Learning in Biophysical Spectroscopy. In Teaching Bioanalytical Chemistry; Hou, H.J.M.,Ed.; ACS Symposium Series 1137; American Chemical Society: Washington, D.C., 2013; pp 261-291.
Young, Karin J.; Takase, Miachel K., Brudvig, Gary W.; An Anionic N-donor Ligand Promotes Manganese-catalyzed Water Oxidation, Inorg. Chem. 2013, 52, 7615-7622.
By Mariel Smith

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