Fifth Flameside Chat features Dr. Bruce K. Johnson on the NCAA

The NCAA is facing increased public scrutiny, both in the media and in the courts. The fifth installment of the popular Flameside Chat interactive online series will feature James Graham Brown Professor of Economics Bruce K. Johnson, who will have a real-time conversation with viewers on the timely topic of the intersection of economics and college athletics. He will review several issues facing the NCAA, including anti-trust lawsuits and athletes’ attempts to unionize during the chat at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 31.flameside_chat
A nationally recognized expert in the field, Johnson’s articles and reviews have been published in academic journals, including Contemporary Economic Policy, Economic Inquiry, Southern Economic Journal and Journal of Sports Economics, and in book chapters published by Oxford University Press, the Brookings Institution, Syracuse University Press and others.
Johnson’s current research uses contingent valuation surveys to estimate the value of civic pride and other public goods sports produce for their communities, filling an important gap in our understanding of public policy issues surrounding subsidies to teams, athletes, and stadiums. Reporters from media outlets around the nation regularly seek out Johnson for his views on various sports economics topics, including stadium economics, antitrust and sports, baseball labor strife and the economics of horse racing.
Flameside Chat is an interactive, online learning experience that gives viewers the opportunity to have a classroom experience by traveling no farther than their computer. Participants are given the opportunity to submit questions in advance, and also live during the broadcast. Episodes are live-streamed through the Hangouts app, which automatically pushes the broadcast to YouTube. Viewers can watch via a link on Google+ or YouTube and submit comments for hosts to answer during their talks. They can also tweet @CentreAlumni with the hashtag #flameside, and the moderator may incorporate those comments and questions.
Previous episodes of Flameside Chat can be viewed on the Centre Alumni YouTube Channel. Past interactive conversations have featured John M. and Louise Van Winkle Professor of Sociology Beau Weston; Dan Stroup, Pierce and Amelia Harrington Lively Professor of Politics and Law, Ben Knoll, assistant professor of politics, and Lia Rohr, visiting assistant professor of politics; President John Roush; and Dr. Raymond Burse ’73, president of Kentucky State University, and J.H. Atkins, assistant vice president and associate professor of education.
An email will be distributed to alumni as scheduled Flameside Chats events approach, and information and links will be posted on the Centre College Alumni Facebook page and via @CentreAlumni on Twitter. For those unable to participate in the live chats, recorded versions of the broadcasts will be available on YouTube and also posted on Centre’s website.
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by Cindy Long

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