First-generation graduate Sara Morency ’16 comes to call Centre home

Before she even set foot on campus, Sara Morency ’16—a first-generation college graduate—felt drawn to Centre College.

Morency, a native of Boston, was introduced to Centre through the Posse Foundation scholarship program, which has had a longstanding relationship with the College, now over a decade long. Centre intrigued her for a variety of reasons.

“Given the option to interview for six colleges through that process, my top choice was Centre,” Morency says. “I wanted to go as far south as possible in order to truly immerse myself in a different culture than I may have otherwise been used to in Boston. I also was thoroughly impressed with Centre’s study abroad program, so that definitely was an attractive part of the process for me.”

An overnight visit to campus quickly cemented Morency’s commitment to Centre.

“When we touched down [at the airport] in Lexington, I cried. I claimed that this place only had horses and funny accents, but my overnight stay really changed that perspective for me,” she says. “I quickly began calling Centre home, and it has been ever since.”

Over her four years at Centre, Morency was unafraid to try new things.

“I found myself diving into all sorts of opportunities that I may have never considered,” she says. “The people around me gave me the utmost confidence to try new activities in order to really get the Centre experience.”

Morency certainly made an impression on her classmates. They voted her both 2015 Homecoming Queen and selected her to deliver one of two senior addresses at the annual Honors Convocation. She was also widely involved in the community at Centre in other ways.

“Other than being a Posse Scholar, one of my proudest accomplishments was joining the Bonner Program,” Morency says. “This service organization gave me an outlet; it transformed me. The Bonner Scholar Program taught me what it looks like to be an informed participant in my immediate community and helped me develop the skills to take action only where and when it may seem necessary.”

Although she has graduated, Morency is not leaving the Centre community anytime soon, as she recently began working in Centre’s Office of Admission.

“I love Centre so much that I’m back!” she says. “I will now be recruiting students to come call Centre home for four years of their own.”

As a first-generation graduate, Morency is grateful for her family’s encouragement during her college career.

“My family could not be more excited for me. Along the way, they have been supportive of all my endeavors—however outlandish,” she says. “To graduate from an incredibly impressive institution with a unique support system has meant the world to my family. I could not have made it this far without them, and it is because they believed in me that I was ever able to make it this far.

“They understand that my undergraduate degree will move me places,” Morency adds. “They are excited to see me grow.”

by Elizabeth Trollinger
July 22, 2016

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