Forty-six students to study abroad through Centre this summer

Study abroad is an important part of the college experience for many Centre students, and though the 2011-12 school year has come to an end, a large number of students are spending part of their summer learning with Centre professors across the world.
Forty-six students will study abroad through Centre this summer in seven programs—three being lead by Centre professors and four being offered through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS). The summer programs are often a better option than a full semester for some students.
“Just like CentreTerm, summer is a great time for students to study abroad—especially athletes or other students who feel they can’t spend an entire semester off campus, for whatever reason,” says Leigh Cocanougher, assistant director of Centre’s Center for Global Citizenship. “Summer terms abroad allow students to travel the world for around three weeks and still get the study abroad experience that they otherwise might not be able to have. And this year, there are even more trips than usual.”
The early summer program in Strasbourg, France, began on May 21 and is lead this year by Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Frank B. and Virginia B. Hower Associate Professor of International Studies. Students will live in apartments in the Alsatian city while taking courses including beginner’s French and French political elections. The program will also allow students to travel through Europe, including class trips to Paris and the Baden-Baden region of Germany.
Assistant Professor of Biology Brian Storz is leading a field course in tropical marine biology in the Bahamas, which began on May 25. The group of students will study the coral reef off of San Salvador Island and research the evolution, ecology and behavior of local marine life.
Students will travel to Edinburgh, Scotland, with Professor of Dramatic Arts Tony Haigh in July to present their own work at the renowned Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. The group will write a play based on the legend of Orpheus on campus before going to Scotland, and will also visit castles, theatres and other important sites during their time abroad.
This year’s KIIS programs include trips to Costa Rica and Istanbul. Associate Professor of Spanish Genny Ballard will lead the trip to Costa Rica in June, and students will travel throughout the country to learn more about local culture and ecology. Students will spend part of the program living in homestays. Tom McCollough, Nelson D. and Mary McDowell Rodes Professor of Religion, will lead a group of students to Istanbul to study art and architecture of the Byzantine era, the history of the Ottoman Empire and business and marketing.
McCollough is also leading an archeological dig in Israel, which began on May 24. The group is excavating a Roman-period synagogue at Cana of the Galilee near Nazareth, and students are involved in every aspect of the dig, including collecting and analyzing any findings.
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