Fourth annual RICE Symposium to showcase students’ creative endeavors

This spring marks the fourth year of the Centre RICE Symposium, a unique opportunity for students to present results from research, internships, and creative endeavors. This 2011 Symposium will take pace from April 14 to 17.
Set up like a professional academic conference—the process includes registration, abstract submission, concurrent paper sessions, and a poster session—the Symposium helps prepare students for the career world, since presentation skills are crucial to almost all careers.
During the Symposium, students present their academic works in one of four ways: paper presentations, poster presentations, exhibitions (typically for artwork) or performances.
During paper presentations, students lead 12-minute talks about their research, internship experiences or other scholarly pursuits. Poster sessions allow students to create large-scale visual aids to display their findings. Those wishing to showcase their art are given space to do so and students performing musical or theatrical shows are given 12 minutes to entertain their audiences.
These audiences are comprised of fellow students, professors and staff members, alumni and interested members of the local community.
Last year, more than 150 students took part in the event. Presentations included everything from orations such as “An Empirical Investigation of the Success of Dale Earnhardt” and “The Science of Chocolate” to a performance of As You Like It to a poster presentation titled, “Mathematical Modeling of Fatty Acid Oxidation in Skeletal Muscle Cells Sheds new Light on Obesity.”

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