Professional Recognition Reception honors faculty achievement

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sealLifelong learning is a central focus for Centre College’s students and faculty. Professors at the College are innovative, taking risks and bolstering their own development by refining their teaching methods, participating in Faculty Learning Communities, engaging in their own research and translating that enthusiasm into the classroom.

Professors whose work has been recognized through publication, performance or juried exhibits are honored in the Fall and Spring terms during Professional Recognition Receptions. The purpose of these events is to congratulate colleagues on their accomplishments in the area of scholarship and creativity and to hear about their work. The format includes time for congratulations and conversation, as well as five-minute presentations from each of the honorees.

The most recent Professional Recognition Reception, which took place on Tuesday, Oct. 25, in the Evans-Lively Room of Old Carnegie, recognized the following faculty members for their work in behavioral neuroscience, biology, classical studies, environmental studies, history, psychology and religion.

Brian Cusato
Brian Cusato, Associate Dean of the College, Associate Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience

Akins, C.K., & Cusato, B. (2015). From biological constraints to flexible behavior systems: Extending our knowledge of sexual conditioning in Japanese quail. International Journal of Comparative Psychology, 28, 1-17.

Knoll, B.R., O’Daniel, T.J., & Cusato, B. (2015). Physiological responses and political behavior: Three reproductions using a novel dataset. Research in Politics, October-December 2015, 1-6.

Amanda Falk
Amanda Falk, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Kaye, T.G., Falk, A.R., Pittman, M., Sereno, P.C., Martin, L.D., Burnham, D.A., Gong, E., Xu, X., Wang, Y., 2015, Laser-Stimulated Fluorescence in Paleontology. PLOS One, 10(5): e0125923. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125923

John Harney
John Harney, Assistant Professor of History

John Harney. “Enshrining the Mission: The Bishop Sheehan Memorial Museum and Vincentian Visions of China.” American Catholic Studies 126.3 (2015): 45-69.

Lee Jefferson
Lee Jefferson, NEH Associate Professor of Religion

The Art of Empire: Christian Art in Its Imperial Context, co-edited with Robin M. Jensen (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, October 2015).

“Thomas Merton and the Benefit of Recollecting Ancient Christian Worship,” review essay for Marginalia: Los Angeles Review of Books (April 2015).

Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison, H.W. Stodghill, Jr. and Adele H. Stodghill Professor of Classics

“Shipwreck Narratives in Homer’s Odyssey and Coetzee’s Foe,” in Kinesis: The Ancient Depiction of Gesture, Motion, and Emotion. C. Clark, E. Foster, J.P. Hallett (edd.), (University of Michigan Press 2015) 235-47.

Brett Werner
Brett Werner, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Rashford, B.S., R.M. Adams, J. Wu, R.A. Voldseth, G. Guntenspergen, B.A. Werner, W.C. Johnson. 2015. Impacts of Climate Change on Land-Use and Wetland Productivity in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America. Regional Environmental Change. January 2015.

Johnson, W.C., B. Werner, G. Guntenspergen. Non-linear responses of Prairie Pothole wetlands to climate warming. Climatic Change. October 2015.

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October 27, 2016