Governor’s Scholar Pledge

Premier education. Public university price. Finish in four.

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If you apply and are admitted to Centre, your maximum cost after scholarships and grant aid will not exceed the published price for tuition, room and board at the University of Kentucky. Many students will pay less.

Centre College has a longstanding commitment to making the best education in Kentucky affordable for students in the Commonwealth.

The Governor’s Scholar Pledge grows out of that historical commitment. We make this pledge to graduates of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program, Governor’s School for the Arts, or Governor’s School for Entrepreneurs. Update: May 2020 | Due to the uncertainty surrounding the novel coronavirus, selected participants of these programs may not have the traditional Governor’s School experience this summer. Regardless of the summer experience, Centre College will honor the Governor’s Scholar Pledge for each individual who successfully completes the requirements as outlined by the GSA, GSE, and GSP and is offered admission to Centre.

The real power of the Governor’s Scholar Pledge is not the price you’ll pay, but the value of what you’ll get:

  • The chance to surround yourself with bright, ambitious peers who care about learning
  • The opportunity to be taught in small classes by experts who are also passionate and effective teachers
  • Our guarantee that you will have the chance to study abroad and complete an internship or mentored research experience
  • Our guarantee that you’ll finish your degree in four years and move on to pursuing your next goals – professional school, graduate school, or making your mark in the world of work

“No university faculty compares with Centre’s in the impact it has on the growth of young minds and personalities.”

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  • Students must have completed one of the three programs.

  • Apply for admission no later than January 15, 2020. Using the Common Application is free and simple.

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the Centre Aid Form by the deadline appropriate for your application plan (November 15 for Early Decision, December 1 for Early Action, January 15 for Regular Decision).


  • The Governor’s Scholar Pledge is based on the annual tuition and average room and board rates published by the University of Kentucky.

  • The Governor’s Scholar Pledge includes the value of any scholarships and grants you receive, including:

    • Centre merit scholarships, special scholarships, and grants
    • Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships (KEES)
    • Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG)
    • Federal Pell Grant
  • It does not include any loans or work study. You may receive loans or work as part of your financial aid award, but they will further reduce the cost below the amount guaranteed by the Governor’s Scholar Pledge.

  • The Pledge is good for four years of enrollment at Centre. Costs each year will remain at or below the published tuition, room and board price of the University of Kentucky for that academic year, provided that continuing students:

    • Complete the financial aid application process in timely fashion each year.
    • Meet all renewal requirements for any scholarships they hold, including Centre merit scholarships, special scholarships, and KEES scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. You made it through a rigorous selection process just to be selected for GSP, GSA, or GSE. More importantly, you completed an educational experience we believe is valuable preparation for Centre. The last step is to apply and be admitted to Centre, and graduates of all of these programs have an outstanding track record of gaining admission.

Alas, no. (Wouldn’t that be great?) The Governor’s Scholar Pledge includes the value of any scholarships and grants you receive, including all Centre scholarships.

KEES scholarship dollars also go toward meeting the Governor’s Scholar Pledge.

Absolutely! Centre has a very generous merit scholarship and financial aid program. The Pledge does not limit how much you can receive from Centre, it just sets the maximum amount you will pay. Many Governor’s Scholars will receive a scholarship and aid package that makes Centre’s cost lower than the Pledge, sometimes much lower. Additionally, Governor’s Scholars will often compete for Centre’s premier scholarships.

Not a thing. The Governor’s Scholar Pledge is not a free-standing award itself. Rather, it is a promise about the total amount of grant and scholarship aid you will receive – and, more specifically, a promise about the bottom line you will pay.

Yes, please. Many times families who don’t believe they will qualify for financial aid do qualify at private colleges. In Kentucky, there are state grants specifically available for students attending private colleges, and a broad range of families qualify. We want to make sure you have the chance to be considered for those grants, among other resources.