Grad numbers add up for Centre mathematics program

Centre College’s mathematics program has enjoyed success in recent years, as evidenced by the high number of Centre graduates majoring in mathematics. In a recent article published by the Notices of the American Mathematical Society, the College was ranked among the top-50 institutions for math-related degrees awarded per enrollment. This report places Centre in close competition with Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins and Harvard universities, and a notch above Columbia and the University of California–Berkeley when it comes to mathematics degrees.

According to Associate Professor of Mathematics and Program Chair Jeff Heath, the increase in students majoring in mathematics over the last decade can be partially attributed to the practical yet diverse foundations of learning Centre professors strive to instill.

“While many of our students go on to graduate school or work in quantitative positions, such as data analysts or actuaries, others end up working in entirely disparate fields,” he explains. “Still, I venture to say that all of them benefit from the problem-solving and communication skills we teach our students.

“While we take our curriculum very seriously, the math faculty at Centre does our best to make mathematics fun, both in and out of the classroom,” he continues. “We are passionate about the courses we lead, and we try to generate that same passion in our students.”

by Madison Stuart
September 27, 2016

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