Grammy Award winner Bobby McFerrin offers conversation and music

While vocalist Bobby McFerrin may be best known for his 1988 hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” when he performs at Centre’s Norton Center for the Arts at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 17, audiences will amaze at the virtuosity of this ten-time Grammy Award-winning performer. As an added treat, a lecture and demonstration by the star himself titled Bobby McFerrin: Up Close and Personal will be held that morning at 11:30 in Newlin Hall.
“We can expect the convo Thursday to be like an improvised TED talk that offers audience interaction, insights into creativity and leadership, and even inspiration for living life more positively,” says Steve Hoffman, executive director of Norton Center. “We think students will be so inspired from this legendarily unique and gifted artist that they will rush to get a ticket to that night’s performance.”
At the evening performance, McFerrin will share with audiences his latest project, “spirityouall,” a compilation of spirituals sung by his father, Metropolitan Opera singer Robert McFerrin, Sr.
Newsweek once wrote, “There is something almost superhuman about the range and technique of Bobby McFerrin.” His performances are often difficult to describe. He blends and redefines nearly every musical style with a technically unparalleled ability of singing his own accompaniment alongside the melody. But, in the words of The LA Times, his “greatest gift to audiences may be transforming a concert hall into a playground, a village center, a joyous space.”
“Bobby McFerrin is a brilliant and creative genius,” Hoffman continues. “He has worked with many of today’s major artists including Yo-Yo Ma, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, the Vienna Philharmonic, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and even Robin Williams. Most recently he performed on “The Tonight Show” and ended his song as a riveting duet with Jimmy Fallon. He also encored one of his recent concerts with Pharrell Williams’ infectious song, “Happy.””
Tickets to the evening performance are available at the Norton Center website. Other events listed are free.
by Cindy Long

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