Guest blog: Dr. Ben Knoll's CentreTerm class hits the streets for public opinion poll

Assistant Professor of Politics and International Studies Ben Knoll’s CentreTerm class spent January diving headfirst into the Danville, Ky., political scene, meeting local community and government leaders and attending several public meetings on proposed infrastructure and legal issues. Specifically, students got hands-on experience with the kind of public opinion polling that is often used to help legislators and community leaders make key decisions. The class covered a range of community issues through their polling and statistical work, including neighborhood design, federal grant activities, local city council politics and school board issues.
Courses like Knoll’s are invaluable for growing the civic sensibilities of students in Kentucky and beyond. In fact, his class’s focus on impartial views and hard data as a basis for political and legislative action mirrors another CentreTerm course on media and journalism, taught by Kentucky Educational Television’s Kentucky Tonight host Bill Goodman.
Knoll’s students’ experiences with public opinion polling are chronicled in his latest blog. Read his post by clicking here.

Benjamin Knoll
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