[Guest Blog] Morgan King ’16 interns at the Kentucky Governor's Office of Communications

kingMorgan King ’16, an English major from Crittenden, Ky., shares about her summer experience working as a communications intern in the Office of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. King will continue to pursue her passion for writing and politics while studying away this fall in Washington, D.C., as she lays the foundation for a career in communications.
Kentucky students typically learn about their state’s storied history in the fourth grade when, halfway through the year, they take a field trip to the marble rotunda of the Capitol building in Frankfort, Ky.
That is, every fourth grader in the Commonwealth but me. I had a fever on the morning of the trip and was unable to go, but years later, I had the privilege of seeing what I missed by serving as the communications intern in the Office of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.
I began my summer internship search in the spring semester with one goal in mind: spending the summer gaining valuable experience. I sent out applications to numerous agencies, including the governor’s office, but that particular internship seemed to be far off and it was a complete surprise when they called and asked for an interview.
At the time, I thought that just having an interview would be experience enough, and I never expected much else. A few phone calls, a press conference and some paperwork later, I was given my own office, a phone line and a state email address. I was an official intern.
Each day in the governor’s office was different. There were some days Governor Beshear was in his office brainstorming ideas to advance Kentucky, and then it was the role of the communications office to publicize those plans to the media and the public. Other days, the governor was away meeting with local Kentucky residents and business leaders.
Those days, however, were never “catch up days” to those back at the office. Anything that affects Kentucky is somehow connected to the governor, and it is up to the communications office to both inform him and the media of anything deemed newsworthy. This kind of work is fascinating to me, and working in the governor’s communications office has deepened my interest in finding a career that allows me to combine my passion for both writing and politics.
My usual assignments within the office varied. I would make phone calls to local newspapers, write congratulatory letters to Kentucky residents about their accomplishments, and look through various articles and press releases about upcoming announcements.
My greatest talent, according to the office, was my transcribing ability. Having spent numerous hours transcribing interviews I use for my articles in The Cento, it was a breeze to quickly jot down the governor’s remarks and send them to my supervisor. The day after a particular press conference where the governor was asked about his beliefs about the Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision, I saw the words I transcribed from the conference quoted in almost every major Kentucky newspaper.
There always seemed to be other Centre alumni around the governor’s office as well. I once met an alumna who was also a member of my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi—not to mention that the Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky, Crit Luallen ’74, is also a Centre alumna. It was fascinating to talk with her about the College and everything that has changed on campus over the years.
I am thankful to everyone in the governor’s office for making this a great internship experience, and I’m also extremely grateful that I go to Centre. I had the privilege of working with wonderful people who are in charge of some pretty important things here in Kentucky, and it is something I will never forget.
submitted by Morgan King ’16
pictured above (l to r): Kentucky Lieutenant Governor Crit Luallen ’74, Morgan King ’16 and Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear

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