Hannah Ensign-George ’15 interns at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Hannah Ensign-George ’15 just returned from a fall semester abroad in Strasbourg, France, and this CentreTerm, she is busy traveling to Louisville to complete an internship at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (pictured above).
ensign_alpsThe art history major (pictured right in Switzerland during her time abroad) will spend the three-week January term doing a variety of things, including researching upcoming art shows, writing wall text to accompany exhibit pieces, and taking down and setting up exhibits. She will also dive into the world of museum fundraising and marketing.
“There is a lot of evolution and many exciting new ideas at KMAC,” Ensign-George says. “I’m excited to be part of that and work with people who love art like I do. Working in a museum requires a different mindset than visiting a museum, which is a challenge I’m looking forward to meeting.”
Ensign-George feels more than prepared to take on the rigors of this short and intense internship thanks to her educational experiences at Centre.
“The most important element of my Centre experience has been the amount of writing I’ve done,” she explains. “The importance of writing skills should not be underestimated; the ability to clearly articulate one’s thoughts is very important. As much as I might have complained about papers when I was in the midst of them, I know they’ve helped me very much.”
Ultimately, the internship is the perfect opportunity for Ensign-George to explore a possible future career.
“As graduation nears, I’ve spent more and more time considering what my future career might be,” she says. “My internship at KMAC definitely helps me with that; I’m not certain yet what my future career will be, but it will be related to art history and the museum world, so every bit of experience helps.”
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By Mariel Smith

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