Henry Snyder ’20 expands event planning and communication skills during internship with chamber of commerce

Brown Fellow and economics and finance major Henry Snyder ’20 (Louisville, Kentucky), who also serves as the president of Centre College’s Student Government Association (SGA), is working with the Danville–Boyle County Chamber of Commerce remotely, with a focus on communications efforts. He continues to work with Executive Director Jeff Jewel to determine the work he can complete through email, phone or videoconference.

“Before moving to remote work, I spearheaded communication projects, such as producing feature pieces on local businesses and business leaders,” Snyder said. “Additionally, I worked on policy projects and special events. Now, my focus is shifting to more communications work, that can be completed remotely. I may also be assisting the Chamber with work related to business support during the COVID-19 outbreak.”

When Snyder was searching for internships, his hope was to find an organization that would allow him to interact with the local community, all while growing his event planning and communication skills. This internship with the Chamber stood out as an excellent opportunity to cover all of these areas.

“Working with the Chamber continues to provide excellent career experience,” he said. “Interning with an operation focused on supporting businesses during this tremendous interruption in global economic activity provides unique experience in being flexible, innovative and strategic.”

Prior to the internship, Snyder said Centre provided excellent preparation in writing and critical thinking, which were skills he needed for his work with the Chamber. In addition, his work with SGA and Greek Life provided significant practice in event planning and teamwork.

“Applying skills from Centre in real-world settings through internships is a key part of a Centre education,” he added. “Working with the Chamber provides me another opportunity to hone my skills and gain new skills along the way.”

Snyder is grateful for the support of  the Center for Career & Professional Development throughout his search for an internship.

“They are clearly committed to preparing students for successful lives during and after Centre,” he said.

Following graduation, Snyder will be working for Churchill Downs, Inc. in Louisville. He said staying involved in his community will be an important part of his post-Centre life, as it was during and before his time on campus.

“Throughout my senior year, my focus has been on enjoying each moment and event with a community I consider a family,” he concluded. “It is hard to believe how quickly the year passes. As I prepared for what I expected to be exciting, yet hard weeks in the spring, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a shock. The transition was emotionally draining, but it reminded me how supportive the Centre community is of one another. Although there is uncertainty about what lies ahead, I am focused on staying optimistic about the future.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 31, 2020