History program hosts "Past in the Pub" events

Centre College alumni are some of the happiest in the nation, and it’s no surprise that they continue to impact lives in the Centre community long after they have graduated. One such example is the recently organized Past in the Pub program, which invites alums with history degrees to return to the College and speak about how their major has served them well across the years.

“Past in the Pub developed as a forum to provide community within the life of the history program,” Assistant Professor of History Jonathon Earle explained. “The meetings are informal and provide time for faculty in the program, majors, minors and interested students to come together and interact over drinks and appetizers.”

Participants visit with one another, ask questions about the history program, compare notes on applying to graduate school and mingle at the local Bluegrass Pizza & Pub restaurant. Alumni also offer insights on the application of their degrees after graduation, including career paths that focus on avenues other than history.

Most recently, alumna Lara McCoy Roslof ’00 met with students at both the restaurant and in the classroom. After receiving her history degree from Centre, she earned an MA in history at Miami of Ohio, and her thesis explored the politics and economics of the Russian Orthodox Church between 1991 and 2003. She began law school with the intention of becoming a professor but soon realized that it was not her life calling.

When an opportunity to become a writer for The Moscow Times opened, Roslof was able to use her history degree to think critically about contemporary politics in Russia as a journalist. She advised Centre students to think outside the box on what you can do with a history degree.

“She was very articulate, good at presenting material that’s accessible and gripping at the same time,” Earle said. “The common theme was that, while it’s a very good thing to have purpose and focus, life can sometimes take on very different directions than what you expected, especially in what you can do with your degrees.”

The Past in the Pub program is hoping to continue its sessions with a variety of alumni in many different fields, including state legislators, history professors, attorneys and more.

by Elise L. Murrell
October 15, 2015

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