Humans of Centre College gives an intimate look into individuals’ Centre Experiences

A new creative endeavor called Humans of Centre College (HoCC), inspired by the famous photojournalism project Humans of New York, brings unique storytelling to the Centre Experience.

A dedicated team of six students, with the help of International Student Advisor Stephen Swan, have been interviewing Centre students, faculty and staff about everything from their childhoods to life in college and then publishing the stories on social media. For example, Eh Nay Thaw ’18, the group’s first interviewee, spoke about spending his childhood in a refugee camp and how coming to Centre College was a huge step to reach his goal to be an educated person and a well-informed global citizen. The most recent interviewee, Facilities Management Recycling Coordinator Cheryl Coulter, spoke about her wish to see more student involvement in recycling on campus.

The initiative was first designed for international students to become more aware of Centre’s culture and available campus resources to help them succeed in college. Once the endeavor began, however, the group saw its potential to help connect individuals with one another through their personal stories and unique backgrounds.

Khun Nyan Min “Joy Joy” Htet  ’17, a member of HoCC, said that it is the group’s hope that those reading the stories become interested in learning about their peers, professors and those around them.

“We also hope that it will instill a culture where individuals on campus seek to fully understand differences and appreciate the diversity around them,” he explained.

The organization has also reached out to Centre alumni and many said the stories helped them reconnect with the campus culture and people. Moving forward, HoCC hopes to expand in order to tell even more inspiring stories.

“Personally speaking, I am happy to help create a mechanism in which people are able to share their Centre Experience and inspire the rest of the community,” Htet said. “This also wouldn’t be possible without the continued support of the Centre community.”

Read the Humans of Centre College stories on Facebook and Instagram.

by Elise L. Murrell
November 24, 2015

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