Internship in special education classroom gives Molly Anderson ’19 career experience

As a psychology major and education minor, Molly Anderson ’19 (Danville, Kentucky) aspires to be a special education teacher. To help her gain the experience she needs, Anderson is spending the spring semester interning with the Boyle County school system. For the first half of the term, she is working at Woodlawn Elementary School, with the remainder at Boyle County High School.

“At my internship, I will be observing various special education teachers,” Anderson said. “I will be serving as an extra pair of hands in the classroom—doing various things, such as working one-on-one with students and helping with small group activities. My role will change depending on what the teacher needs or wants me to do in the classroom.”

She was interested in this internship, because she thought it would give her first-hand experience. Anderson said the education courses she’s taken at Centre, as well as the field placement experiences she’s had, have helped her prepare for this opportunity and her future career.

Anderson added that she hopes to take away valuable information about what it means to be a special education teacher. Along with the experience, the teachers she’s worked with have also served as mentors and role models for her.

“It means a lot to me to have this experience,” she concluded. “I believe I will be gaining valuable experience and information from this internship that I will directly be able to use next year when I enter my teaching career. I am very thankful Centre has allowed me to have this wonderful internship experience.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 12, 2019

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