Internship inspires career in veterinary medicine for Sanna Gough ’16

It’s a cool, crisp morning and the sun is just coming up over the rolling Kentucky hills as Sanna Gough ’16 and Dr. Joseph Yocum arrive at a local horse farm for the first appointment of the day.
The Centre College junior spends a full day each week shadowing Dr. Yocum, an equine practitioner and small animal veterinarian who works in and around Danville, Ky., as well as in Lexington, Ky.
“I am learning a lot about how to work with horses,” Gough said. “I had never spent much time around them before this internship.”
While the College often helps connect students with internship sites, sometimes students find internships on their own.
Gough was proactive in her internship search, as she knew she wanted something that would fit her interests and help strengthen her application for veterinary school next fall.
She found Dr. Yocum’s practice by searching online for equine veterinary clinics in the Danville area. She then worked with the Center for Career & Professional Development at Centre to set up the internship and apply to receive academic credit for her work.
An internship or research opportunity is one of the three main tiers of the Centre Commitment. For the first time ever this spring, Centre began offering two or three credit academic internships, which gives students with busy schedules more opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experiences.
Gough is one of 49 students with an academic internship this semester, which is a record number of students for the spring and fall terms.
Like many Centre students, Gough has a schedule filled to the brim with meetings for various organizations, such as Alpha Delta Pi and Centre Action Reaches Everyone (CARE). The fact that she would be able to earn academic credit for her internship was very attractive.
“Because I’m doing this internship for academic credit,” Gough said, “I have time to get all of the hours I need for veterinary applications while still keeping up with a full course load.”
For students with veterinary aspirations, internship hours play a major role in strengthening an application for advanced studies.
“In order to be considered a competitive applicant,” Gough said, “You have to have spent a large number of hours gaining veterinary experience in a wide variety of environments.”
Dr. Yocum’s practice includes stem cell therapy, a form of regenerative medicine that has been proven to accelerate and enhance musculoskeletal injuries for his equine and canine patients. He is the chief equine consultant for Medivet-America, the leading veterinary regenerative medicine company in the United States.
“Dr. Yocum has been working in this area for a number of years now,” Gough said. “I’m lucky to be able to experience such cutting-edge medical techniques first hand.”
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by Anne Evans

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