Jacquelyn Engel ’19 gains international experience at Meridian International Center

Jacquelyn Engel ’19 (Lexington, Kentucky) is interning this summer in the GlobalConnect Division at the Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C.

“I am a programs intern, so I help with compiling information, preparing materials, streamlining processes for conferences, forums, exchanges or any other type of program that Meridian International Center supervises and hosts,” Engel said.

“Specifically, I have recently been working on compiling information into a brochure for all the participants for a US-Korea exchange event,” she continued. “I have also been translating some documents from English to French for some incoming participants who are from French-speaking countries.”

Throughout the internship, Engel has worked with a variety of people.

“What I really like about working with the staff at Meridian International Center is that they are friendly, welcoming and hardworking, but most importantly, we all share an interest in learning about other people, countries, languages and cultures,” she added.

As a French major, the language courses she’s taken at Centre College have helped prepare her for this experience.

Engel said the international aspect of this internship was what made her interested in it. The organization works with various people from all over the world. She said she enjoys the fact that it’s an apolitical organization that focuses on public diplomacy, meaning, it doesn’t take sides in situations. Instead, the organization emphasizes understanding and emphasizing with one another to foster better relations and leadership.

Engel said she is very fortunate to have this opportunity.

“I’m eager to learn and try something new and see how this impacts the direction I want to head in the future once I finish the internship,” she concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 7, 2018

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