John Anderson ’21 represents home state during internship in Japan

This summer, politics major John Anderson ’21 (Cheraw, South Carolina) had the opportunity to represent the South Carolina Department of Commerce at Intralink Group in Tokyo, Japan.

Intralink is a British-based consulting firm that enables Western companies to expand in Asia and for Asian companies to expand in the West, with offices located in the U.K., U.S., Japan, South Korea, China and Taiwan.

All employees of Intralink are fluent in English and Japanese, which aid their efforts to promote foreign direct investment from Japanese companies for such clients as the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

“Although I do not speak Japanese, I interned at Intralink for six weeks to help the South Carolina team work on strategies to promote the state as a good investment opportunity for Japanese companies,” Anderson said.

Growing up in rural South Carolina, Anderson said he realized the huge economic impact that foreign direct investment can have on improving local economies.

“In my hometown of Cheraw, much of the population has directly and indirectly benefitted from foreign direct investment from German and Japanese companies that came to the area after the local textile industry was phasing out,” he added. “Foreign direct investment allows communities to diversify their economy and create a more economically stable future. I was particularly interested in interning at Intralink, because I wanted an internship that combined my interest in improving the South Carolina economy on the international scale.”

This internship was a great opportunity for Anderson not only to experience Japanese culture but also to represent South Carolina in a professional business and international environment.

He credits his Centre experience for helping him prepare for his work with Intralink because of the writing, research and public speaking skills he’s gained.

“Because Centre is a liberal arts school, the large variety of classes that I have taken, such as politics, history, economics and science classes, all helped me in my internship because of the vast array of companies that Intralink works with,” he said. “There were times when I would be researching and giving reports on pharmaceutical companies and governmental policies at the same time, so it was helpful to have a general understanding of a variety of fields.”

For more information about internship opportunities through the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), visit the Internship & Research Spotlight page, which serves as a visual compilation of career fields students have explored across the globe.

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 20, 2019

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