Johns Hopkins internship takes Cody Estep ’19 from football field to career field

During CentreTerm, all-conference wide receiver Cody Estep ’19 exchanged the Centre College football field for a chance to explore a career field as an intern at the Johns Hopkins Charlotte-Bloomberg Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

He spent the January term completing clinical research in pediatric surgery, an opportunity that falls in line with the CentreTerm formula to afford students the chance to explore unique topics and faraway places through three-weeks of immersive courses, study abroad or an internship or research project.

“The prestige and cutting-edge research and surgeries that were being conducted at Johns Hopkins played a major role in my interest in this internship,” Estep explained.
As a biochemistry and molecular biology major, Estep said he sees himself pursuing a career in pediatric surgery after Centre.

“I plan to apply to medical school this cycle, and hopefully, one day, I will become a physician,” he added, noting that his most significant takeaway was seeing the commitment it takes to be a surgeon in this field.

During his internship, Estep said he enjoyed “seeing the joy on a parent’s face when they hear that their child’s quality of life is going to be substantially better than it was when they arrived.

“Adding to the concept of joy, the way the children seemed to find some type of joy, even in the worst of situations, was extremely inspiring and made me reflect on how lucky I am,” he continued.

Balancing Centre’s challenging academic workload and extracurricular activities isn’t always easy, but Estep has found that being a student-athlete helps him stay on track.

“Football actually keeps me structured, but it is most definitely a delicate balance,” he explained. “I know my schedule every day. I wake up, go to class, go to football, and after that, I usually only have time to do my school work.”

Centre’s Head Football Coach Andy Frye said Estep is the embodiment of what is true of a student-athlete at the College.

“He studies hard, he trains hard and he competes with a relentlessness to be the best in whatever he is doing,” Frye concluded. “Cody has a ‘lunch pail’ work ethic and attitude. His best is yet to come.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 1, 2018

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