Kathleen Brooks ’03 makes the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists with Secrets Collide

brooks_nyt1As Homecoming approaches, many alumni will return to campus to celebrate their college years and subsequent successes, and Kathleen Brooks ’03 will have a particularly notable success to toast: a New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers list novel.
Brooks is the author of Secrets Collide, the fifth book in her Bluegrass Brothers series. The week of October 12th, the book hit #13 on the NYT overall top-selling eBook list and #17 on its combined print and eBook list. It made #34 overall best-selling book on the USA Today list for the same period.
Brooks’ novels take place in a fictional town outside of Lexington, Ky., called Keeneston, a place brimming with unique and compelling characters that showcase the best of living in the Bluegrass state.
For Brooks, Centre has had a big impact on her writing. When asked about her favorite memory of Centre, she responded, “I love the small community feel. My books are set in a small town where everyone knows each other. Centre and Danville definitely influenced the creation of my fictional town.”
Brooks also mentions that the high standards of Centre professors helped push her writing to be its best. Her passion for writing has been lifelong.
“I’ve always enjoyed reading fiction and even plotted stories in my mind,” she explains. “When I learned about self-publishing eBooks, I knew I had the perfect opportunity to tell my stories to the world.”
The world was certainly ready for those stories, as the NYT and USA Today lists attest. Brooks recalls the moment she found out about making the list.
“I was sitting in a restaurant with my family when I got the news and barely stopped myself from jumping on the table and screaming,” she says. “My past two books came very close, and hitting the New York Times list became a big goal for me.”
For Brooks, one of the biggest challenges of writing her books is the humor.
“My favorite part of Secrets Collide is the humor; that’s also the most challenging part,” she explains. “Being able to laugh at your own jokes is easy, but I’m always nervous about how the readers will react.”
Brooks is certainly hitting all the right notes, as readers gobble up book after book in her series. In fact, she is already hard at work continuing one of her most popular stories.
“I’m already working on the final Bluegrass Brothers story for Ahmed,” she says. “He is hands-down the readers’ favorite character to date. The huge demand for his story led me to add a sixth full-length novel to the series. I’m hoping to release the book in early 2014.”
By Mariel Smith

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