Kelsey Sutton ’19 gains hands-on experience for Teach Kentucky program

As Kelsey Sutton ’19 (Brandenburg, Kentucky) prepares to be a part of the Teach Kentucky 2019 cohort from Centre College, she is gaining valuable experience as a student teacher in a math classroom at Boyle County High School.

Sutton said the biggest aspect of her internship is gaining practical teaching experience in a high school classroom, as this is the career she is pursuing after Centre. Throughout the semester, she will have opportunities to lead classes through lessons in the subjects of algebra and calculus, as well as perform other teaching-related tasks, including grading, lesson planning and attending meetings.

“This internship is helping me gain hands-on experience in the career that I am pursuing,” Sutton said. “I truly believe that there are some things about teaching that you can only learn through direct experience, so this internship is allowing me this opportunity before I get my own students in August.”

As a math major and education minor, Sutton was well-prepared for her internship. She said the skills she’s learned in her courses at Centre and through her involvement in various campus organizations have helped her get to where she is today. Sutton serves as the president of the Society of Future Educators and is also a student representative for the education program.

In January, Sutton also attended the Joint Mathematics Meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, where she was able to attend several sessions and gain more knowledge about math education.

“I am hoping to take away new instructional, planning and classroom management techniques while also practicing many of the methods and techniques that I have learned in my education classes here are Centre,” she concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 7, 2019

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