Kendra Montejos ’14 named one of Glamour's 50 Hometown Heroes 2015

montejosTo honor women who make a difference in their communities, Glamour magazine is recognizing one woman from each state as a Hometown Hero. Kendra Montejos ’14 was selected to represent Kentucky for her leadership in Centre College’s after-school program. 
This story originally appeared in Glamour.
After School Program 2015Five years ago Kendra Montejos, 23, began volunteering with a new after-school program for immigrant children at Centre College in Danville. Soon she was going above and beyond her typical responsibilities, often visiting the children’s homes to better understand how the program could help their families.
“These kids not only had to learn English but also needed to do well in their classes,” says Montejos, now an admissions counselor at the college. “I began to ask myself questions like, ‘Who is going to drive them to soccer practice, which [teaches] teamwork and confidence, when Mom has to work overtime?’ I became that person for these families, because they trusted me.”
The program has grown to include more than 70 volunteers who act as mentors to the 50 or so children who participate each semester.
“The stability of having the same person there for them every Tuesday and Thursday goes a long way,” Montejos says. “This may be the only stability they have in their life at this point—their success and access to opportunity is my fight.”
Read more about Montejos’ involvement in the after-school program here.
November 5, 2015

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