LGBTQ+ Student Resources

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Centre Pride Alliance
Centre Pride Alliance strives to make the Centre community aware of issues that the LGBT community faces and educate the community on how they can help. It also creates a safe environment where all members of the Centre community — both LGBT members and allies — feel comfortable socializing and discussing matters dealing with gender, sexuality, etc.

Contact: Ailiyah Alim ’20, President of Centre Pride Alliance

Ally Training
The purpose of the Centre Ally Program is to create visible LGBTQ allies for members of the Centre community, to help shape a culture of acceptance, and to make a positive statement about the equality of all people. The topics and information discussed during the training are also applicable to other identities and populations. The training is a 2-hour training that is held at least twice a year and is designed to educate participants on LGBTQ issues and how to be a strong ally for members of the LGBTQ community.

Contact: Ann Goodwin