LGBTQ+ Student Resources

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Centre Pride Alliance
Centre Pride Alliance strives to make the Centre community aware of issues that the LGBTQIA+ community faces and educate the community on how they can help. It also creates a safe environment where all members of the Centre community — both LGBTQIA+ members and allies — feel comfortable socializing and discussing matters dealing with gender, sexuality, etc.

Contact: Ailiyah Alim ’20, President of Centre Pride Alliance

Centre Ally Training Series (CATS) 
The purpose of the Centre Ally Training Series is to create visible LGBTQIA+ allies for members of the Centre community, to help shape a culture of acceptance, and to make a positive statement about the equality of all people. The topics and information discussed during the training are also applicable to other identities and populations. The series contains 101: Introduction to Allyship, 201: Advanced Allyship, and 401s on various special issues.

Contact: Jo Teut