Lincoln Scholars prepare to be ‘catalysts for good’ through summer enrichment experiences

Centre College’s Lincoln Scholars recently gave presentations to the campus community highlighting their summer enrichment experiences. One of the College’s premier scholarships, the Lincoln Scholars Program offers 10 students per year a full-ride-plus scholarship and three summer enrichment experiences.

“The Lincoln Scholars Program is designed to build and develop the capabilities and skills needed by future agents for change at both the local and global levels,” said Robert Schalkoff, director of the program. “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the journey of a Lincoln Scholar prepares them to be selfless leaders and catalysts for change and good in the world through whichever discipline they pursue or career they choose.”

The summer enrichment experiences contribute substantially to each scholar’s personal and intellectual development. Prior to matriculating at Centre, first-year Lincoln Scholars participate in an introspective workshop on leadership, a colloquium on Abraham Lincoln and a four-day experience with North Carolina Outward Bound.

Rising sophomores and junior scholars select two out of the three themes for the summer experiences: “With Outstretched Hands—Serving Humankind”; “Engaging Big Ideas and Challenges”; and “Grit and Tenacity in the Making.”

Each four- to five-week summer experience expands the student’s perspective, leads to personal and intellectual growth, strengthens leadership skills and further increases the capacity to become a change-maker.

Rising seniors complete a high-caliber summer experience, closely aligned with their major, potential career or graduate study, or pursuit of prestigious post-baccalaureate scholarships.

“The summer experiences are opportunities for the scholars to further hone talents they already possess and to begin developing others they need to become agents for positive change,” Schalkoff said.

“These themes and the sites chosen to engage with these themes each help scholars to reach specific learning goals and objectives that lead to the development of these skills and attitudes,” he added. “Some of these skills and attitudes are compassion, empathy, intercultural competency, the ability to look at problems systematically, taking a big picture perspective, the ability to think and act independently while at the same time be part of a team of diverse partners working toward a common goal, reliability, perseverance and respect for the environment and one’s place in it.”

The inaugural cohort of scholars are currently preparing proposals for their independent pre-professional projects.

“I’m very excited about the projects and goals they are discussing and the ways they are going to push me in new directions as they explore possibilities for themselves,” Schalkoff concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
October 15, 2018

Header image: Kendall Yount ’20 helps restore coral reefs in Key Largo as part of her Lincoln Scholar summer enrichment experience. 

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