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During an election cycle that has captured the attention of tens of millions of people, and now, just ahead of the third and final presidential debate of the 2016 election cycle, comes Centre Point, an eight-part podcast series in which Centre faculty discuss the pertinent issues. Listeners will not only gain a better understanding of political complexities, but they’ll also get insight into the fascinating conversations that take place in classrooms at Centre every day.

In this second episode of Centre Point, host Bill Goodman talks with the John M. and Louise Van Winkle Professor of Sociology Beau Weston about the 2016 election through the lens of culture wars—that is, how political issues divide the populace into subgroups and shape national and identity.

The debut episode of Centre Point heard Goodman speak with Pierce and Amelia Harrington Lively Professor of Politics and Law Daniel Stroup and John Marshall Harlan Associate Professor of Politics Benjamin Knoll about the challenges of teaching this particular election in class.

Other faculty members participating in future Centre Point episodes include Frank B. and Virginia B. Hower Professor of International Studies Lori Hartmann-Mahmud, Assistant Professor of Politics and International Studies Dina Badie and Professor of Dramatic Arts Tony Haigh.

Centre Point host Bill Goodman is a veteran journalist and host of the Kentucky Tonight television program. Sound engineering for the podcast is provided by Dynamix Productions.

More episodes of Centre Point will become available throughout this week. To listen to the first episode—and to have future episodes download directly to your electronic device as they become available—subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and SoundCloud. All eight episodes of Centre Point will be available on these podcast platforms.

October 19, 2016

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