Maddy Jenkins ’22 develops agriculture skills during Shepherd Internship Program

This summer, Maddy Jenkins ’22 (Lexington, Kentucky) is interning at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project in Poughkeepsie, New York, as part of the Shepherd Internship Program.

The Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) integrates rigorous academic study and focused direct service to disadvantaged communities and persons, enriching the education of undergraduate and law students in all majors and career paths. The intent of this program is to prepare students for lives aimed at diminishing poverty and enhancing human capability through professional and civic efforts.

During her internship, Jenkins has been working as a farm educator and food advocate intern. Her role has included assisting with the organization’s community outreach efforts, such as the after school programs for local and low-income schools, family cooking classes using farm produce and the farm stand. In addition, she has worked on the production-based farm and the education garden, where the organization hosts kid, teen and adult workshops and programs.

“Shepherd was a great liaison between myself and the Poughkeepsie Farm Project,” Jenkins said. “I like how eager they were to help me find an internship that would fit my goals. I admire their drive for non-profit work and community service.”

This opportunity for Jenkins means she was able to spend her summer outside, enjoying nature, sustainable farming and community service, among other interests she finds pleasure in.

“For me, it meant learning something extremely important—agriculture skills—and how agriculture intersects with so many other non-profits in the area, whether it’s housing, shelters and food banks,” she added. “I hope to gain farm skills, people skills, a new perspective on what it means to be a farmer and what it means to be a farmer that genuinely wants to help a community progress.”

For more information about internship opportunities through the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), visit the Internship & Research Spotlight page, which serves as a visual compilation of career fields students have explored across the globe.

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 14, 2019

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