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Courses in art history cover the entire chronological range of the Western tradition, examining artworks from stylistic, historical, and iconographical points of view.

Whatever motivation might bring a student into the Jones Visual Arts Center, an appreciation for the enduring values of art provides solid support for the life of any educated and inquisitive person.

Members of the art program believe that an understanding of various forms of the visual arts — both traditional and innovative — enhances our experience and enjoyment of our surroundings, especially its aesthetic aspects, and that art can provide greater meaning to the lives of those seeking to come to terms with it.

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First City Art Center Sotheby’s Institute of Art (M.A.)
Edelweiss Lodge & Resort (Germany) University of North Carolina (J.D.)
Teach for America
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“As a studio art and art history major, I’ve explored different ways art can be applied at and beyond Centre through internships, work experience, and community-based events. The art professors encourage students to expand their horizons in terms of what they can achieve through art by approaching a variety of subject matter from unique perspectives.”

Centre Class of 2019 • Double Major: Art History and Studio Art

Art History

World-Wide Study

Faculty often take students on trips to Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville. Some trips are even farther away — New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia are just some examples. Students also have an opportunity to study abroad in England, France, and Mexico, where they can take classes in art history while having access to some of the world’s greatest museums and historical sites. Recently, the art program has offered CentreTerm trips to Amsterdam, Bruges, Ghent, and Vienna.


Students can gain valuable pre-professional experience and contacts when they obtain an internship. Students have interned at Gwynn Murrill Sculpture Studio (Los Angeles), Corcoran Museum of Art (D.C.), Manifest Gallery and Drawing Center (Cincinnati), Glassbrook (Louisville), San Antonio Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Historic Preservation Society of New Orleans, and Neil Patel Design Studio (New York City).


Majors and minors may choose to continue their education in the visual arts in graduate school as preparation for careers as artists, educators, or staff members in museums, galleries, and other collection venues. Our students have gone on to become professional artists, museum curators, art dealers, and scholars of art history. Centre has helped many students embark on these careers, while others have gone on to work as architects, designers, and government policymakers in the arts.


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