Film Studies

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Students who pursue the film studies minor learn about the history and philosophy of film and can choose to explore topics like international film traditions, major film genres, and how film relates to other media and disciplines.

Film Studies

The film studies minor is housed in the English program, which emphasizes similar tools for critical and narrative analysis, though students do not have to be English majors in order to pursue the minor. Movies are a part of everyone’s life, and film students at Centre study them as art, as societal artifact, as entertainment, and as a rapidly changing technology.

The minor focuses on the study of film rather than its production, though occasional classes in filmmaking are also available, and students can get involved in various broadcasting groups on campus. The film studies minor provides a basic foundation for those considering graduate school in film or a career in production, and can enhance students’ studies in related areas like creative writing, drama, English, foreign languages, history, and psychology, among others.

What Courses Will I Take?

The film studies minor consists of five courses — two are required and three can be chosen from an approved list. Introduction to Film (FLM 205), the first required course, traces some of the major movements in film history while reviewing a basic vocabulary for film study, the relationship of art and life, notions of authority and resistance, the attractions of genre, and the place of film in the digital era. Film Theory (FLM 305), the second required course, introduces students to the major developments in film criticism and theory beyond the basics of film technique and history covered in FLM 205, and addresses ideas about spectacle and surveillance, audience reception, gender and psychoanalytic theory, and post colonialism.

The remaining three courses can be chosen from a list of courses approved for the minor each term. Recent offerings have included Screenwriting, Film Adaptation, Global Cinema, Introduction to Documentary Film Production, African Film, The U.S.-Mexico Border on Film, and Silence and Sound in Film.


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