First-Year Studies

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All first-year students are required to enroll in a First-Year Studies (FYS) course during CentreTerm, a three-week semester in January. This gives freshmen an opportunity to immerse themselves in just one class for the entire term.

First-Year Studies

First-Year Studies courses have three goals: 1) to provide a small-group learning situation that will engage students and faculty in an intensive intellectual experience; 2) to introduce students to a discipline’s basic concepts, modes of thought, or procedures in an innovative way; and 3) to foster basic educational skills — how to read critically, think logically, and communicate effectively.

Since classes are capped at 15 students, freshmen develop close working relationships with their professors and classmates while experiencing education in the small, intimate settings usually reserved for upperclassmen. FYS courses may include field trips, dinner discussions, labs, and other special activities.

What Courses Will I Take?

FYS courses and the faculty who teach them vary from year to year. Here are just some of the courses that were offered in recent terms:
• FYS 102 – Recreating Revolution
• FYS 105 – Meditation, Technology, and Activism
• FYS 111 – Imagining the Future: Science Fiction, Ethics, and Us
• FYS 119 – The Book and the Movie: Fiction into Film
• FYS 125 – Music from the Inside Out
• FYS 133 – The History of American Holidays
• FYS 134 – Violence, Sex, and Immortality: Video Games and Philosophy
• FYS 142 – Aliens, Atlantis, and Archaeology
• FYS 148 – Brazil: Beyond Beaches, Futebol, and Carnaval
• FYS 150 – Medicine and Literature: Victorian Monsters
• FYS 179 – Sex, Drugs, Society, and American Education
• FYS 199 – The Sociology of Food and Agriculture