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German Studies’ mission is to enhance students’ ability to speak, understand, read, and write German; to function well in a German-speaking environment; and to become enlightened, knowledgeable students of the culture of the German-speaking world.

German serves as a solid basis for a broad liberal education and proficiency in the language can provide research opportunities in many scientific fields and further careers in government, international relations, music, drama, commerce, or the fine arts.

The German program’s two main goals:
1. To develop proficiency in German to the advanced level in (a) writing and (b) speaking and the superior level in (c) reading and (d) listening for German majors
2. To expose students who enroll in all levels of the German curriculum to (a) a wide variety of materials that make up German culture through history and in the contemporary world, with a specific emphasis on (b) literature and the development of skills in literary comprehension, analysis, and interpretation

Your Major Took You Where?*

Knox County Community Action Committee (CAC) AmeriCorps Wake Forest University (M.A., English)
Fulbright U.S. Student Program (Vienna) University of Kentucky (M.A.)
Purnell School Columbia University (M.A., anthropology)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“The German Studies program challenges students to improve their writing, reading comprehension, and conversational skills. Students have opportunities to study German film, philosophy, and many other topics. And with the five-month immersive study abroad opportunity in Regensburg, Germany, students can increase their fluency in a passionate and exciting learning environment.”

Centre Class of 2018 • Double Major: German Studies and Computer Science

German Studies

World-Wide Study

We maintain vital contacts with institutions throughout Germany and Austria and will find the right study-abroad experience for you, be that in a home-stay in German-speaking Kehl (across the river from Centre’s own Strasbourg program), a new cooperative program at the Universität Regensburg, or a program sponsored by another institution. Recently students have chosen to further their German fluency in cities such as Berlin, Freiburg, Munich, Regensburg, and Trier, among others. Many German students continue their study of German after they graduate, whether on Fulbrights or as teachers of English.

Language Scholarships

Incoming students are eligible for Centre Language Scholarships, which recognize extraordinary language students who wish to continue their engagement with German during college. Students do not need to major or minor in German Studies to maintain their scholarship. Applicants complete an essay about their interest in German and may be selected to conduct an interview in German with a German Studies faculty member as the final step in consideration for the scholarship. Details about the Language Scholarships can be found under Special Scholarships on the Scholarships web page.


German majors have pursued careers in business, communications, education, government services, science, and the travel industry. Some have obtained jobs as archivists, editors, foreign correspondents, language interpreters, lawyers, professors, and technical liaisons to U.S. firms abroad. Others have gone on to work in the automobile industry, film and entertainment, international law, public relations, and scientific research. Certain occupations may require education beyond a bachelor’s degree and/or may require education/experience in another field.


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