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Study Abroad Options

Over 85% of Centre students study abroad at least once, making us a top-three school in the nation. Our faculty go abroad too, allowing them to live on site with you, share their knowledge of the region, and plan trips and activities.

Centre-in-Germany allows students to study German culture and language in an intensive immersion environment. As part of this spring-only program, students enroll at the University of Regensburg, a modern comprehensive university in a small city on the Danube River originally founded by the Romans. Students complete a four-week intensive language course at their language level, then enroll in courses during the German Sommersemester (summer semester), which normally runs from April to July.

During that semester, students enroll in courses like German Film, German Culture, and a course to further develop language skills. Students often participate in a theatrical production in German put on by students from around the world studying abroad in Regensburg. Very advanced students may be able to enroll in a regular German-language lecture course.

Students live in dorms with German students but are also part of a small group of students (usually 5-10 each year) from other Kentucky institutions like Berea College, Transylvania University, the University of Kentucky, and Western Kentucky University. The program is operated in conjunction with the Kentucky Institute for International Study (KIIS). The KIIS group has its own on-site director who assists with logistical, academic, and even medical issues. The term includes at least three excursions: to a variety of points of interest around Regensburg; to the castles Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau; and a five-day, four-night trip to Berlin. Students often have a break that allows them to travel internationally, too.

German Studies students may study in Regensburg beginning in the spring of their sophomore year. Successful completion of GER 210 (or equivalent) is a pre-requisite for study in Regensburg. Students generally return to Centre with 15 credits toward graduation, 6 of which can count toward the German major or minor’s upper-level course requirements. Students who have not completed GER 220 before participating in the Centre-in-Germany program receive credit for the course in Regensburg.

Ian Wilson, Associate Professor of German and Humanities, is the U.S. director for this program. Please email him for more information.

For more about the Regensburg program, view the Study Abroad in Germany web page.

The CentreTerm offers excellent opportunities for students to learn a great deal about a single topic in a short period of time. There are often international trips offered during the CentreTerm, some of which may be of great interest to students of German Studies.

German Studies courses offered during the short CentreTerm in January are advanced courses, typically in combination with students taking the course for Humanities or other credit. Such other students will explore course themes along side German students, but with the help of English translations.

Associate Professor of German and Humanities Ian Wilson will offer his fourth CentreTerm trip in 2019 together with Associate Professor of History Sara Egge. The course, “World War II: History and Memory on the Western Front,” will follow the path of the U.S. Army from Normandy on D-Day through Paris and sites related to the Battle of the Bulge, across the Rhine, to Nuremberg and the Buchenwald concentration camp, and to Berlin at the end.

Three times in the past, Professor Wilson has offered “Introduction to the Cultural History of Central Europe,” which focuses on Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.

Though extraordinary, a handful of experienced German Studies students have undertaken independent study courses involving international travel during CentreTerm.

View upcoming CentreTerm courses abroad.

The Centre-in-Strasbourg Program allows students to study European culture, politics, and economics while furthering their study of German or French. Strasbourg, with its historical ties to German culture and its importance for the European Union (EU), is located just across the Rhine river from Germany. We have arranged German-language homestays in the international city of Strasbourg for our students in the past. German Studies students studying in Strasbourg often take independent study courses with faculty working on the Danville campus. Recently, many students have completed the independent study “German Traces: Strasbourg and Beyond,” which investigates the German heritage of Strasbourg; the city’s importance for literary figures such as Goethe, Büchner, and Arp; and the surrounding areas: Freiburg and Basel.

Although an excellent program and a terrific city, German Studies students who are interested in improving their German language skills should choose the Centre-in-Germany program. German Studies students who study in Strasbourg should do so while taking advanced courses, usually during their junior year.

Emeritus professor of German Ken Keffer was the inaugural director of the program and returned to direct it three additional times. German professor Ian Wilson has directed the program twice.

The Kentucky Institute for International Study (KIIS) offers many programs during the semester and over the summer, some of which may be just right for your study abroad.

During the spring semester, students may study in the southern German city of Regensburg as part of a KIIS program.

During the summer, there are KIIS programs in Berlin, Germany; Bregenz, Austria; Munich, Germany; and Salzburg, Austria.

PLEASE NOTE: Centre College maintains a consortial relationship with the KIIS that lowers the cost of its programs for Centre College students. However, as they are not Centre courses, a leave of absence from Centre must be taken to study during the spring in Regensburg. (No leave of absence is necessary to study with KIIS programs over the summer.) Centre, federal, and other financial aid cannot be used while participating in KIIS programs. Contact your advisor, the Centre Registrar, the German Studies program, and Centre Study Abroad for more information about the financial implications of study with the KIIS and options for transferring credit.

Recently, Centre College has expanded its summer offerings abroad through a small group of CentreTerm-like courses.

Associate Professor of German and Humanities Ian Wilson offered GER 350: German Cultural Geography, a three-week course to Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck, and Quedlinburg, that focused on how these German cities were organized, how the natural environment shaped them, and how they remember the past. The course gave students an intensive and immersed glimpse into German life.