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Global Commerce is an interdisciplinary academic program that seeks to prepare students for life in a global society and to equip them with essential tools for success in for-profit and non-profit organizations whose activities are transboundary in scope.

Global Commerce

Drawing on appropriate preparation in at least one foreign language, students in the minor program will acquire a foundation in global politics, history, and culture, as well as in the essential institutions, concepts, and practices of global economic and commercial activity.

Long-term study abroad, or a globally themed internship and study abroad during a short term, is required. Students interested in the minor are encouraged to consult with a program committee member early on to plan their preparation for the minor and to discuss course offering schedules.

What Courses Will I Take?

The global studies minor requires six courses including
GLC 210 Introduction to Global Commerce,
GLC 500 Global Commerce Capstone,
ECO 110 Introduction to Economics, and
ECO 260 Financial Accounting;

plus one of two economics courses
ECO 360 Economic Development, or
ECO 420 International Trade;

and one of three politics courses
POL 260 Introduction to International Relations, or
POL 370 International Political Economy, or
POL 371 Political Economy of Development.

Also required is one course beyond the 220-level of a foreign language, or one course beyond the 210-level plus study or internship in a non-English speaking environment.


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