Natural Science

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Natural Science is neither a major nor minor program at Centre College.

Natural Science

Courses offered under the Natural Science (NSC) heading do not fit into any of the other major programs in the sciences at Centre. Some of these courses may be used to fulfill the general education science requirements for students who do not intend to major in a science.

This requirement consists of two four-credit laboratory courses, one in life science and one in physical science, or a two-course natural science sequence that integrates the major areas of cosmological and biological evolution. Each of the natural science courses can be taken independently to satisfy either the physical (NSC 110) or life (NSC 120) science requirement.

Nat Sci Courses

All general education science courses:
a) provide an introduction to the nature, methodology, historical development, and some fundamental concepts of both physical and life sciences;
b) illustrate the interplay between experimentation and theory through direct laboratory experience emphasizing critical thought and the systematic observation and interpretation of data;
c) demonstrate the relationships among the disciplines and fields of science; and
d) include discussion of some of the social, political, and ethical implications of scientific achievements and research.