Centre’s economics curriculum and the pre-M.B.A. program are designed to maximize the probability that our best students will be admitted to the top M.B.A. programs in the country.

Students who think they may want to work in either the for-profit sector, the not-for-profit sector, or any administrative branch of local, state, or federal government should consider getting an M.B.A.

There is no single type of preparation required for the best M.B.A. programs. Backgrounds that are suitable preparation are as varied as the industries and the jobs in which an M.B.A. may apply his or her skills. Centre grads are among the country’s brightest and have the strong communication, analytical, and technical skills sought by the top graduate schools and professional programs.

Your Major Took You Where?*

Center for EcoTechnology London School of Economics, England
New York Life University of Texas-Austin (M.S.)
Lockheed Martin Georgetown University (J.D.)
Jefferson National Financial Wake Forest University (J.D., M.S.)
*A Sampling of Recent Centre Graduates

“Centre’s pre-MBA concentration is enhanced by the internships and contacts that are available to students. A network of alumni is willing to help students with everything from career advice to job opportunities. These connections help Centre’s pre-MBA students get into top tier business schools.”

Centre Class of 2018 • Economics & Finance Major


The Curriculum

The pre-M.B.A. curriculum at Centre College consists of courses in accounting, computing, econometrics, investments, macroeconomics, managerial and corporate finance, mathematics, and microeconomics. Any rigorous and analytical major at Centre is good preparation for an M.B.A.


In the fall term of your junior year, you should start searching for a professional summer internship between your junior and senior years. Preferably, the internship should be an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in accounting and finance in your first two years. Our students have an outstanding record of obtaining distinguished internships.


Our graduates regularly go directly into interesting, rewarding jobs that provide the real-world experience M.B.A. programs often require. The Center for Career & Professional Development office can help you search for the right “bridge job” after leaving Centre.


Pre-M.B.A. News

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