Social Justice

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Social justice is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on issues related to social inequities and marginalization.

Social Justice

The social justice minor prepares students to be citizens who are well-informed about crucial issues in our society, and offers them the opportunity for intense study of issues they will encounter as educators, doctors, lawyers, policy-makers, ministers, business leaders, or other social professions. Students who minor in social justice will be more effective in their careers because they’ll understand the social realities they will encounter at more than a surface level.

Students will have practical experience in the field with agencies that deal with social inequities as well as classroom work that encourages theory and analysis. This minor, with its practicum requirements, is a unique combination of curricular and extracurricular aspects of the Centre experience, bringing together internships, academic work in the classroom, community-based learning, and Bonner worksites, among other endeavors.

What Courses Will I Take?

The social justice minor would require 19 credit hours in courses that discuss areas of methods, intersectionality and political economy, in addition to a number of electives covering topics of race, gender, wealth, poverty, environment and others.

• SOC 120 – Social Structure
• REL 340 – Studied in Ethics: Poverty and Homelessness

The minor can be designed as a major through a self-designed path of study. View the process for a SELF-DESIGNED MAJOR.

PROGRAM PDF (coming soon)