Medical internship helps Makayla Hawkins ’19 gain experience in the field

This spring semester, Makayla Hawkins ’19 (Frankfort, Kentucky), a psychology major, is utilizing skills she’s learned during her time at Centre College by working as an intern at the Mission Frankfort Clinic, which is a free medical clinic located in First Baptist Church in her hometown. She found that her semester abroad in Merida, Mexico, helped prepare her for this internship, due to the opportunity she had to shadow in an ambulatory clinic.

During her internship, Hawkins is scheduling appointments for their patients with other doctors’ offices, clinic and hospitals and securing their records before follow-up appointments. She also assists the medical providers as necessary and helps translate for Spanish-speaking patients during clinic hours

“I volunteered and shadowed at the Mission Frankfort Clinic in high school,” she said. “I learned how important it is that everyone has access to quality healthcare, no matter their insurance coverage or the cost. This internship has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the healthcare field while also working on my Spanish translating ability.”

Hawkins trip to Merida, Mexico, is part of the Centre Commitment, which guarantees study abroad, an internship or research experience and graduate in four year. As part of the program, she was able to gain hands-on experience and enhance her Spanish-speaking skills at a ambulatory clinic.

“It allowed me to experience a different type of clinic in another country,” she added. “I also learned clinical skills in Spanish, a skill that has become useful at the Mission Frankfort Clinic.”

Hawkins believes this internship is vital to her preparation to continue her education and eventually join the medical community. Throughout the semester, she has learned about comprehensive medical care and has gained valuable shadowing experience from medical professionals.

“I have already learned different life experiences based upon interaction with the patients and the unique problems they present beyond the scope of the diagnosis or treatment they seek at the clinic,” she said. “I have gained a tremendous amount of insight on problem solving for patients relative to travel limitations, familial influence and everyday obstacles to receiving quality medical care.

“I am truly grateful for the opportunity to intern at the Mission Frankfort Clinic,” she concluded. “It has been a blessing to work with many different medical professionals of different specialties and backgrounds.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 26, 2019

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