Members of the Class of 2012 look forward to graduate school

Although it’s only been a short few weeks since members of the Class of 2012 graduated from Centre, many of them already have exciting plans for the future. While some have plans to enter the work force, others will waste no time at all moving from one educational experience to another as they begin graduate school in the fall.
The recent alumni will begin programs across the country in a variety of disciplines, from the arts to the sciences. Tony Distler ’12 of Louisville, for instance, will enter dental school at the University of Louisville to earn a doctorate of dental medicine.
“I am most looking forward to the academic challenges the program will provide, which will prepare me for a career in dentistry,” Distler says.
Tess Gates ’12 of Louisville will study education at the University of Portland in a unique program called the Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education (PACE).
“Along with your graduate studies, they place you at an under-served school somewhere in the West to teach for two years,” Gates says. “I was placed at a school in Ogden, Utah—right outside of Salt Lake City—where I will be teaching middle school social studies and working with special needs students.”
For Gates, the program has already partly begun—and she looks forward to the fall.
“I am already in Portland taking classes, which I am absolutely loving,” she says. “What I am most excited about is moving to Utah in August to begin working with my students. I am excited to begin this challenging experience. Centre held me accountable in many different ways, which had been great preparation for a graduate school experience.”
Jerry Yang ’12, from Chengdu, Sichuan province, China, plans to attend Columbia University in New York City to study operations research.
“The program is designed for students to concentrate their studies in methodological areas such as mathematical programming, stochastic models and simulation,” Yang says. “I like it because I will be able to apply both my scientific knowledge and problem solving skills.”
Aaron Edwards ’12 will head to Boston University School of Medicine in the Masters of the Arts in Medical Sciences (MAMS) program.
“Designed as an in-between educational step for those interested in medicine, the MAMS program is a two-year program—one year of education that falls in line with first year of medical school and one year of research at the institution of our choice. If I go to medical school or decide to pursue a Ph.D. after the MAMS program, many of my credits will transfer over,” Edwards says. “Boston is now a worldwide biomedical hub, so the options for me after the program are endless.
Though, for the most part, their grad school classes have not yet begun, the young alumni are already aware of how Centre has prepared them for what’s ahead.
“Centre provided me with many opportunities academically and athletically,” Distler says. “Such experiences prepared me for the academic rigor dental school will offer.”
“I hope that my math background, especially from classes like Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics with Dr. Heath, will help me to have a good starting position,” says Yang.
“I am fully confident in my academic preparation before entering this program. Many students begin medical or graduate school fearing the course load and investment that will be required of them, but I have been assured by many past Centre students that our educational skill set has been honed to tackle anything that may come my way,” Edwards echoes. “Centre has also connected me to a much broader network of people in the area than I ever thought possible. Of all places for a small-town Kentucky boy to uproot and start anew, I have tons of contacts in the area should I need them.”
“My time at Centre prepared me in unequivocal ways for this role. I am, without a doubt, prepared beyond well academically, which I am most thankful for,” Gates agrees. “However, Centre also prepared me greatly in a personal sense. Centre taught me to always remember that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Having no teaching experience makes my future role as a teacher daunting, but finding value, purpose and fulfillment by living a life in service to others in an effort to make a difference in the world is something that Centre taught me well.”

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